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A Daily Community Devoted to Clive Owen

Clive Owen Daily

Clive Owen Daily
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A Community Dedicated to British Actor Clive Owen

Welcome to Clive Owen Daily

A community dedicated to British actor Clive Owen. Here you will find images, graphics and news articles on Clive.

Clive Owen ~ A mini biography

Born – October 3, 1964 in Coventry, United Kingdom. He is 6’2” (1.89m) tall with stunning green eyes and dark wavy hair. As a young man, Clive attended Binley Park Comprehensive School - joining the youth theatre at 13 after portraying the role of the Artful Dodger in a production of "Oliver!". In 1984, Clive was accepted into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He met and fell in love with fellow actor Sarah Jane Fenton during a production of Romeo and Juliet. They have two daughters after becoming married in 1995. Clive’s first film role was in 1988’s Vroom. And the handsome and talented actor hasn’t slowed down since. His latest roles include: King Arthur (2004), Closer (2004), Sin City (2005), Derailed (2005), Inside Man (2006), Children of Men (2006), Shoot Em Up (2007), Elizabeth the Golden Age (2007), The International (2009), Duplicity (2009), and The Boys Are Back (2009).

Community Guidelines

  • Membership is moderated, so once you submit your request to join, please send a message to laura_1947 (community owner) with any questions and to introduce yourself. Otherwise, your request may be denied. New LJ accounts with no entries will not be accepted if you fail to contact laura_1947 and introduce yourself.

  • Be default, all entries are for members only.

  • Posting access is open to all members. You may post anything as long as Clive is the subject – images, news articles, graphics and links to other sources on the net.

  • We strive to bring you the latest Clively news first and so please be courteous and gracious and credit this community when re-posting elsewhere. We strive to always credit our sources, so we ask that you do the same for us. It is the right thing to do and certainly common courtesy.

  • When posting images, be sure make use of thumbnails if the original image is larger than 600pixels wide. And if you are sharing more than two images, place all but the first two beneath an LJ cut to spare everyone’s’ friends lists. Never hotlink images! Use Photobucket or some other online image hosting service to share your images. All HQ image posts should be locked to ‘members only’. Never include the photograhper’s name or agency when sharing images as this protects our community from the copyright police. *g*

  • Be respectful of your fellow members. No flaming or any other nasty behavior will be tolerated. And I must also add that Clive is due our respect as well. No harsh criticism of the man or his family will be tolerated either.

  • Use the tags!! They are the only way we can find things!

  • Adult content is allowed. However, place all ‘Not Work Safe’ images under an LJ cut. A lot of people peruse the net from work *winks* and would appreciate the warning.

  • Most of all, let’s have some fun sharing in our obsession admiration of the very talented and handsome Clive Owen!

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BeanBoxBoard, Celebrity HQ Paradise, kerrsmith2306, asco_310, and several other daily journals, generous members, and my own screen-capping here and there.

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